The Importance of Consistent Music Practice

Max Music Academy

Practice is important, its no secret and everyone knows that. However, some people believe that one should practice for hours on end everyday to reach results. As much as I believe in practice, I don’t think that hours on end are needed. Too much practice can destroy the love for the instrument and music especially if the practice is forced and not enjoyed. I believe in consistent daily or almost daily music practice. For beginners this could mean from 15-30 minutes while for intermediate players this could mean 30-60 minutes and advanced players could practice for 1 or 2 hours. Anything more than that I would consider a luxury.

Consistent music practice ensures constant growth which is a very important. Having your fingers on the instrument daily ensures good muscles memory and good habits. In addition to this, it builds a greater passion for the instrument and music. When practice time is not too long and dreadful its enjoyable which is a huge factor. Over time, all the minutes or hours that you have practiced add up and you reap what you sow.

I encourage my students to set a side time everyday for practice, I do this myself as well. This ensures the consistency of your musical growth and practice doesn’t become random but an activity that you do just like any other such as sports, working out, reading, or doing homework.

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