Kids group class

Kids Group Class at Max Music Academy

Max Music Academy is offering an all in one children’s music group program where young kids will learn the basics of music in a fun, playful, and educational environment.

Max Music Academy has expert teachers, experienced teachers, who combine excellent teaching skills with good early childhood music learning systems to prepare students who are well rounded in listening and understanding music even before note reading starts. Children who are properly taught will experience cognitive skill improvement in areas such as focus, memory, and creativity. It is not listening to music that makes children smarter, it is the move & sing & play activities in the lessons that do. Our teachers know what to do in the group lessons, and the group lessons are not only fun, but they are also highly productive.

The students who complete the early childhood preparation lessons, will be encouraged to continue in the solo (private) lessons based on the teacher’s careful observations of the child in the class and based on many years of experience of making music and teaching. Max Music Academy offers lessons in voice, piano, violin, guitar, and drums and several instrumental directions – perhaps the child will react well to singing; perhaps the child will be highly coordinated and be suited to learning the piano; perhaps it will be a need for the child to be making sounds with percussion instruments and so drums would be the way to go.

Max Music Academy welcomes into the early childhood musical prep program children who are 4 and 5, and children who are 6 and 7. There will be 4 classes offered, and parents will be welcome to indicate their lesson time preferences and get on a waiting list.

Registration opportunities will be available in the office at Max Music Academy following the Meet and Greet/Information Sessions. Lesson spots are subject to first come-first served basis, but also at the discretion of the teacher to determine whether these lessons would be a “good fit” for your family.

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