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Voice Lessons at Max Music Academy

Take Voice music lessons at Max Music Academy in Richmond hill, which are professional, fun, informative, educational and result yielding. At our music school we offer voice lessons that build a strong foundation and build a strong voice regardless of the style of music. At the heart of the learning is the emphasis on proper breathing, vowel placement, resonance, pitch and of course musicality. Our voice lessons will provide you with the necessary skills to develop your voice and sing your favourites songs with pleasure and accuracy.

All voice lessons start with technique and warms ups and then move into the study of songs and repertoire. We teach our students how to sing with a microphone and without. As the student progresses, they can hit higher notes with more confidence and power. Singing harmonies is also taught to certain students that want to expand their abilities. The development of the diaphragm muscle is also a very important component of our voice lessons. The different types of voices such as head voice, chest voice, and mix voice are also developed and strengthened as well.

Our voice lessons also cater to students who want to focus on opera or musical theater. With repertoire in French, Italian, German, Russian and English. Students who wish to pursue getting levels and achievements at the Royal Conservatory of Music are also welcome as our voice lessons could be catered to the RCM programs as well. Students will be taught how to sing scales, identify intervals by ear and sing them, sight sing and other RCM requirements.

Students at Max Music Academy also get to perform live in front of a live audience. We host two concerts a year where students can showcase all of the skills they learned in their voice lessons. This is a great chance to sing in front of a live crowd and get to experience the thrill of performing.

We would love to help you become the singer you want to be, so lets start your musical journey together – Book a Meet and Greet Now and learn from the best