• My daughter has been studying with Maxim for 3 years now and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Alexis is a serious music student at a prominent art school where she auditioned to get in with great success. However, she wasn’t always such a hopeful. Although her innate talent and interest in music was always there, we went from school to school to find quality instructions and failed over and over. 4 years ago, a friend of our family back in Europe, who’s an international performer, a guitar teacher and the director of a music school was appalled to see that in spite of receiving private guitar lessons, Alexis didn’t even know how to hold the guitar properly. This was an eye-opener for me to take a good look at her music education and take steps in the right direction. We met Maxim coincidentally and feel very lucky that we did. But you don’t have to. If you are looking for an instructor who is friendly, reliable, caring and well-educated in his art, you have found him!

    My name is Alexis, I am 16 years old, and since I was about 10 I thought it would be the best thing in the world if I knew how to play the electric guitar really well. Obviously then, I went to look for a private teacher. I was always the type of person who was determined to do what I ingrained into my head, and I was discouraged when I realized that a year had past already, and we were paying good money for me knowing three lousy chords. I practiced regularly too, but somehow, it’s a whole different learning experience when a teacher is really knowledgeable, kind, and encouraging. Sadly, as many private teachers I had, none of them showed much of those characteristics. Though I was playing on an acoustic guitar back then, a guitar’s a guitar, and I waited very patiently for my electric one. Torturously, that day slowly came, and a very nice guy helped me out on everything I needed to know. I told him how my hopes and dreams were being crushed, and he offered to teach me instead. For once, I thought I was finally on to something. And let me tell you now, after only 3 years of learning with Maxim, I can confidently say that that is the absolute best way to learn guitar I have ever experienced in my life! For anybody, learning an instrument starts from your willingness to do so, but it can go two different ways whether you learn from someone you like or someone not so much. I don’t know about you, but I like someone that’s funny, easy to talk to, really knowledgeable, patient, motivational, and feels a lot more like a friend to me. That’s all Maxim, and that’s why I would never go to anyone else for the life of me. Only 3 years, and he can tell you how far I’ve come.

    Nora and Alexis
  • Okay I may not be the typical guitar student! I’m 55 and I volunteer at a camp so I wanted to learn to play the guitar. Last year I asked friends who their kid took guitar lessons from and they recommended Maxim. At the time I knew nothing about guitars but now I realize how lucky I was to find such a knowledgeable and expert guitar guy to help me out! Actually I almost forgot, I did go to a music store to take a lesson and it was a disaster. And that’s when somebody suggested to me I should ask around to find a great teacher.

    Later when the store asked me why I wasn’t taking lessons from them I told them I had found a great guy named Maxim , The owner told me he wished that he could hire him. First he suggested the type of guitar I should buy. I Checked online and of course this guitar got the best reviews and was very reasonably priced at 200$ I was so excited but nervous because I didn’t know how to tune it.I also know that most people take a lesson or two and then don’t make the effort and quit.

    The thing I like about Maxim is I know two teenagers who both started to take lessons with him and have both turned out to be outstanding guitar players. That gave me confidence as I went through some of the ups and downs that you encounter as you learn to play the guitar.there is something about maxims style, he is relaxed but always shows on time. Never critical just supportive and constantly encouraging to learn more.

    After less than a year and about 20 lessons I am very happy with my progress. I can play quite a few songs, and I have develop the confidence to sing along with them which is a real change for me.I have the confidence to play in front of other people,I often play with patients at the hospital where I volunteer, and I wrote a song and went into a recording studio to record it! I still can’t believe that I did it!I don’t pretend to be great but I know I was very fortunate to find Maxim. He has also been very flexible as sometimes I travel for months at a time and then we start up again when I come back.I have a lot to learn and I would never consider giving up lessons.I should probably also say that I like the fact that he is capable of teaching multiple styles whether it be classical hard rock or pop. He is very inton making sure that I learn the basics which can be used across all my playing. And he is receptive to the songs I want to learn.I have recommended him to several friends.

    David J.
  • I was looking for a hobby to distract me from the daily grind and stresses of work.  Something that could bring me closer to my 7 year old son that we could bond over.  Since I always regretted not taking up guitar, we decided to give it a try. After asking around I was given Maxim’s name with a glowing referral.  Maxim started from the beginning with fundamentals and theory to build up a solid foundation at a pace we both could handle.  He doesn’t just follow a book, but tailors each lesson to the student to focus on the right things.  Lessons are fun and challenging, yet serious.  If you’re looking for someone to teach guitar to you, your child or both.  Maxim is your man!

    Brian O.
  • As a music and guitar teacher, Max has a lot to offer in knowledge and learning techniques. He has the perfect mix of attributes that’s rare to find in a teacher, which makes our son not only love and look forward to his lessons, but also to work hard and give it his best. I find Max’s to be a thorough teacher, highly professional and with deep knowledge which is exactly what we looked for. We couldn’t be happier with the results as well as the journey.

    Shai P.
  • I met Maxim 5 years ago while working at a local Music store. Having been friends with him for many years, I can clearly see how his passion and enthusiasm for teaching has developed immensely. I consider Maxim to be intrinsically talented and an absolute pleasure to hear play his guitar. His musical abilities are matched by his passion for feeding his knowledge and experiences to willing students. Max has spent much of his life exploring music in the form of various styles, creative techniques and different teaching methods. This has developed him into a very well rounded teacher, committed to the success and excellence of his pupils. As a music teacher myself, I understand the amount of time, energy, commitment, and care it takes to be a music instructor and Max really has it all. His unwavering commitment to creating young musicians is truly an inspiration.

  • Ever since I met Maxim, I was inspired by his passion and love for guitar.

    Throughout the three years Maxim has taught me, I have learned more than I could ever have hoped for. From techniques to fun songs, solos and styles of music, Maxim can teach anything flawlessly and will always make you feel comfortable with what you’re learning. I am truly thrilled with all the knowledge I have gained while taking lessons with Maxim and I can now honestly say that guitar is such a big part of my life thanks to him. Maxim is kind, caring, patient and very talented at what he does. He always encourages me to push through any difficulties and to try my hardest. If you’re looking for an amazing guitar teacher, Maxim is your guy.


  • It is rewarding to see my son progress and learn something new, while tying in music from artists and bands that he loves. Maxim is patient and creative with his teaching techniques and has developed several ways that make learning easier. He has taught my son not only specific guitar techniques and music theory, but has encouraged his personal creativity. I would highly recommend Maxim Shelkov as a teacher to anyone interested in discovering music.

    Laura N.
  • I have been taking lessons with Max for roughly two years now, and the great amount that I’ve learned during this time is all thanks to Max’s great skills and knowledge. When I first began taking lessons, I had never played guitar before, but now I can search up any song and play it all by myself. Not only does Max teach songs that would benefit your skills, he also listens to your choices of songs that you want to play as well. His lessons are fun and educative and I couldn’t ask for a better teacher!

    Alex M.
  • I picked up my first guitar when I was 16 like most kids, with one exception – I never applied myself. Years went by and I kind of forgot it.

    Fast forward twenty-six years and two kids later when they started taking music lessons. I told my wife that I wished i had stuck with it, at which point, she called me out on it and said “just do it, you’re never too old to learn anything new” (pretty much the cornerstone of our 36 year marriage).

    Several guitars and several teachers later with another long hiatus in the middle while we moved to Toronto, I went through another teacher or two, I have always believed that you have to make a “connection” with your teacher in order to learn better. Well, about three years ago I joined a new company and the company band, so I definitely needed to amp up my skills. I felt frustrated in finding a good guitar teacher who not only is school trained but fully understands the structure of music and more importantly, knows how to teach it. My other teachers had all been about teaching you “patterns”, but not the meaning or reason. As an Applied Math Major in university, I fully get that music is all about “math”.

    Max is “all that and a bag of chips” as they say. I fell that in the few months we have been working together, he has been an incredible help on this old dog and managed to teach me some new tricks. The most important lessons I have taken away from him, have been around recognizing and identifying some of my bad habits like those damn 16th notes (I have gotten so much better Max). My degree of confidence on the fretboard is significantly better than when resumed to it at age 40.And patient! – I need that. I need a teacher to intensely watch what I am doing wrong to call me out on that and show me how to fix it. We have been working on the important foundational aspects of playing music. I am old enough to respect that every good house needs a strong foundation. It’s not just about riffing – it’s about understanding scales and when to apply silence because silence is also a note.I will never be as fast as Max but I don’t need to. I just need to be better than I currently am, and Max has helped me by structuring exactly what I need to achieve this goal. My bandmates have commented about my improvement and that makes it the icing on the cake. Thanks Max.

    JP Moatti
  • A good guitar teacher will teach you how to play guitar – but a great teacher will inspire the student. Although Maxim has only been teaching my son for about 8 months, we have seen a huge change in his work habits. Practice is always important – a wise person once said – “It’s not how much you have to practice – but how good you want to be.” These words have struck a chord with Joshua – who now practices with only gentle reminders… and he enjoys practicing! Within a few months of lessons, Joshua tried out for a school talent show – and was one of ~30 acts chosen to present to his entire school! Teaching technique through popular music has also maintained Joshua’s interest – Maxim’s recognition of this and adapting his teaching to this proves his ability to be a great teacher.

    Mike and Joshua
  • I started taking lessons with Maxim this year when my friend recommended him. When I first started, my guitar skills were very minimal and I was having trouble learning on my own, which made it the perfect timing for a guitar teacher. Maxim is friendly, patient, and is an amazing teacher. In the short period of time I have been taking lessons with him, I have not only developed a new found love for guitar, but my skills and technique have improved drastically. Maxim lets his students choose the songs they want to learn, which makes each lesson go by fast, and practicing fun and easy. I want to thank Maxim for all that he has taught me, and i cant wait to learn even more with him. My advice is- if you want to learn guitar or even just improve your skills, I would not hesitate to begin lessons with Maxim!

    Naz N.
  • Maxim had been my guitar teacher for about 1 year and 8 month. When we started I did not really know what to expect and I did not have the clear path how to be a better guitar player. Maxim noted all my weakness and mistakes and carefully address them during our lessons. My technique significantly improved along with over all understanding of the music. Maxim has a lot of patience, he is always friendly and knows exactly what student needs. Our lessons were always fun and educational and we became very good friends.

    Igor D.
  • Our son Anayraj was taking guitar lessons from a few years but we did not see any growth. One day, our friend suggested to have Max. Honestly, we were apprehensive initially but decided to give it a try as a second teacher along with our first instructor (the idea was to gauge our satisfaction and ensure our sons choice) Within few weeks, we could see the difference in teaching style and methodology. Ofcourse the choice was obvious: we chose Max over any other teacher. He’s dedicated, committed and hard working. Most importantly he’s built a pleasant rapport with our son, leaving no stone unturned to inspire and motivate him. Usually its a task to get kids to practise but Max’ mysticism encourages Anayraj to pick up his guitar and get going. We are very satisfied and feel its a blessing to have such a teacher.One looks back with appreciation to the brilliant teachers, but with gratitude to those who touched our human feelings.Thank you Max.

    Pooja G.
  • My son started taking guitar lessons with Maxim over two years ago and we have been extremely satisfied. Maxim is a patient and professional teacher. He knows how to tailor his approach to adjust to different learning styles and personalities. He builds rapport easily and works as a partner to further both playing ability and enjoyment of music itself. My son enjoys playing guitar whereas before it was a chore to get him to play and/or practice.