Am I too old to start learning how to play a musical instrument?

Of course not! Music is for everyone and for all ages, the level of accomplishment may be different as someone who is younger and kept playing for their whole life will be at a different level, however, to reach an ability to play or sing most of your favorite songs could be achieved by anyone.

Do you teach RCM style of lesson?

We offer RCM preparation for piano and the guitar, we follow the current syllabus to prepare students for their practical exams. We also teach theory to prepare students for their theory exams.

Do I need my own instrument?

When talking about bringing an instrument with you to a lesson, then this would apply to a guitar. We have a piano at the school, and your voice comes when you come. As far as having an instrument at home, that is a must since you’ll have to practice at home to improve.

At what age could kids start learning?

Piano students can start around 4 or 5 years old. Guitar students can start around 6 years old. However if a child is showing early musical ability and eagerness to learn then we could consult and see what we can do.

How much do I need to practice?

It is recommended that you set aside about a half hour everyday for practice. However the length of your practice time may depend on your level. The most important thing is consistency which over time will yield good results. 

I have no musical ability!

Music is a skill like any other art or profession. It gets developed over time through proper guidance, discipline and practice.