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Piano Lessons at Max Music Academy

Piano music lessons at Max Music Academy in Richmond Hill are taught with professionalism, passion, care, experience, and knowledge. We strive to deliver the highest standard in our lessons. Our piano lessons by our music school in markham are catered to everyone, from children to adults, and to seniors as well.

Everyone is unique, our teachers recognize that and will develop a personalized approach for each student. With taking piano lessons at Max Music Academy, you can be assured that you are in good hands.

We believe lessons should be educational and enjoyable. Students will gain the skills needed to play, to compose, or to perform as soloists or as members of ensembles or other musical settings. You can expect to learn various repertoire, essential techniques, sight reading, theory, ear training, and most importantly, how to make the music alive. Students are encouraged to explore and learn different styles of music ranging from classical to modern. It is our goal to help you develop your skills and open the doors to the vastness of piano repertoire.

For students who are interested in pursuing qualifications from the Royal Conservatory of Music, we can help them achieve excellence. We will ensure that our students are well prepared for the conservatory examinations and cover all the materials that will be tested. While some of our students will pursue qualifications from the RCM, others may have different goals in mind. Whatever your interests are, we strive to provide you with the education and background needed, and to help you on your musical journey – Book a Meet and Greet Now and learn from the best