One-on-one Piano Lessons at Max Music Academy

Piano is a great instrument for anybody wanting to learn music. Max Music Academy offers professional piano music lessons that teach students how to play the piano, read music properly, how to interoperate music, how to play different styles and how to express one’s self through the piano. Since piano is such a vast instrument a lot of skill and care is taken while teaching it, our teachers have a personalized approach to their lessons since every student is unique. Students are carried through the levels of piano to build up their proficiency and skills. Along the way music theory is introduced and explained, technical exercises are taught to better hand dexterity and independence, hearing exercise are introduced to be able to hear music better. We also prepare our students for the Royal Conservatory of Music grades and achievements for students who wish to pursue that program. Lessons could be done in person or online, with all lessons, students get weekly homework and are encouraged to practice so they could progress.