Practicing with a metronome is important. I tell all my students to practice with a metronome. At first it could be quite difficult especially for someone who has difficulty with rhythm or for a completely new player. However, with time and practice, the metronome could become one of the most important practicing tools you have. Let me put it this way, practicing with a metronome is like going to the gym and seeing the label of all the weights on the free weights and workout machines. It would be pretty irritating not to know how much you are lifting if those numbers weren’t there. The metronome works the exacts same way!

Let’s make this very simple:

Let’s say you are working on a song that is at 100bmp. But, you find it difficult to play it properly at that speed. The best thing you can is slow down the song to say 70 bmp and work it up to 100 bpm. The metronome takes out all the guess work from your practice: it allows you to gradually reach your goal. You can move up by say 5 bpm, which is pretty much impossible to do without the help of a metronome. You can also mark your progress because as I always tell my students “the numbers don’t lie’.

Playing with a metronome is also like playing with a drummer who doesn’t talk back, this is a little joke musicians say. Your playing will become much more consistent and accurate. This is further allow you to play with other musicians in a much more enjoyable way. You’ll be able to lock in to the “groove” or the “beat” and “feel” it much better. All in all, I would say practice with the metronome and set aside time at every practice session to play with it. You will enjoy the benefits tremendously, believe me!

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