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Violin Lessons at Max Music Academy

Max Music Academy invites you to learn the art of playing the violin at our professional music academy. We will teach you all the skills required to play the instrument, we can prepare you for musical exams, expand your repertoire and improve your technique. The violin is known to be one of the hardest instruments to play, we would like to help you along on your musical journey toward mastery in a fun and enjoyable way.

Violin classes at Max Music Academy are fun and exciting! Students will learn many useful skills to play the different levels of repertoire. All lessons are geared towards the development of musicality, technical abilities, sight reading proficiency and overall musical excellence.

During a violin lesson, students can expect to work on their repertoire whether it’s for examination purposes or just for pleasure. The teacher will work on developing the proper left-hand posture and the proper bow movements with the student. The development of dynamics and musical expression is also stressed as the violin is a very emotional instrument and absolutely needs to be played with feel and precision. 

At a certain level of musical developing the violin, students could join a small string ensemble or a band to further improve their skills and to have fun with other musicians playing music.