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We offer regular weekly private music classes in richmond hill. On top of that, we encourage our students to participate in musical competitions and our semi-annual recitals. In fact, these events are for everyone from kids to adults and offer the valuable experience of performing live on stage. Accordingly, students that show progress and eagerness to learn more could be put into “group” or “band” situations with other students to have more fun. Further, they get to understand what it’s like to play with other musicians in order to improve their skills.

Guitar Music Group Lessons


Guitar classes consist of building a strong musical foundation. This includes the study of songs, theory, ear training, technical proficiency, and improvisation. Moreover, weekly homework is assigned to students to keep their progress constant. The approach to teaching may differ depending on the style of music. This is especially true for adult students and intermediate students. As a matter of fact, beginners and young kids generally study from a guitar method book to build a solid foundation.


We strive to create beautiful music, regardless to the level of difficulty the pieces may have or how long the students have been playing.

During the piano lessons in makham, beginner students will learn the proper technique in playing, how to read music, and how to interpret the music. As the students progress through regular and structured practicing, thereby developing discipline, most would continue on with the Conservatory program. They will gain an understanding of musical structures and historical background of various styles. While it is important to have a well-rounded background, we encourage our students to further pursue specific styles, and also to improvise.

Music, as with any form of art, has no definite way to be performed, and students are encouraged to find their own voices.

Piano Vocal Lessons
Vocals Lessons


The vocal lessons begin with warm ups and ear training activities to prepare the voice for singing. Students practice various exercises to improve the vocal skills, expand the range, control breathing, and articulation. The students then learn and sing the songs. Additionally, the teacher helps them with projection of the voice, expression of emotions, clear pronunciation. Further, he/she takes notice of correct connection of the words for a smooth voice flow. If necessary, teacher will show by example how to produce a quality sound using diaphragm, chest voice, and head voice and explain how to properly use and combine all of the voices.

It is important for the teacher to help each student find their own unique sound and express themselves. Afterwards, students receive homework to practice the songs using the techniques learned in class.


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