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Guitar Lessons at Max Music Academy

Guitar lessons at Max Music Academy in Richmond Hill, the music lessons are conducted in a professional, inspirational, and educational manner. Our best music academy gives guitar music lessons which provide students with fundamental knowledge of the instrument and music as a whole. You can expect to be challenged in many different and fun musical ways that will improve your skills.

We believe that our lessons set up students for the real world situations of playing in ensembles or as soloists. Our guitar lessons are geared towards anyone who is interested in learning how to play the guitar, age doesn’t matter!

Younger students will generally learn from method books that are designed to teach them the basics of music, proper techniques, song repertoire, ear training, and much more. As students progress through the lessons, more advanced subjects are introduced and incorporated into their playing. Since guitar is a diverse instrument with repertoires in many styles, it’s very important to address every technique and performance styles properly and in a timely fashion. As students gain more skills and understandings, they are welcome to choose a field or a style they want to improve or to specialize in. Our lessons can be catered specifically to help you achieve your goals, whether it be classical music with finger picking or rock music with electric guitar.

Mature students generally want their lessons to be very specific. Some of our mature students already have experience in playing guitar and would like to carry their skills further. Skills such as technique, theory, sight reading, song repertoire, singing and playing at the same time, ear training, strumming properly, and improvising. Whatever your goals are, we are sure that our guitar lessons can prepare you and help you on your musical journey – Book a Meet and Greet Now and learn from the best