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Art Lessons at Max Music Academy

Painting (Drawing)
The school specializes in drawing and handmade, we combine handmade and drawing, Amaliya has developed a special program for children and teenagers, which allows them to explore the world of art in an interesting and exciting way. Here you will learn how to draw geometric drawings with a pencil, learn how to draw animals, insects, people, nature and landscapes. We will learn how to use different types of paints such as watercolor, acrylic, and oil. We also practice modern art techniques such as resin art, abstract works on paper and canvas.

Drawing is the foundation of human creativity, it develops imagination, creativity and helps to depict one’s own ideas and dreams on canvas (paper). Drawing from childhood develops a love for art in children, which is very important for modern society. An interesting and modern approach to drawing is our main task!

Classes are always informative and fun, which allows our students to feel comfortable in the classroom. The School environment has all the necessary conditions for a comfortable class, a bright and large classroom, a comfortable table and chairs, a cooler with clean water, a photo area for finished works (paintings), easels and all other necessary tools. FOR PARENTS WHO WANT TO WAIT FOR THEIR CHILDREN, WE HAVE A WAITING ROOM IN THE SCHOOL.

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